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Tax Planning

Taxes are the biggest obstacle to reaching Financial Independence. Reposition your existing money and future money from unnecessary Taxes. Kelm Financial Services will help you keep together what you’ve worked so hard to put together through TAX BRACKET PLANNING & other Financial Strategies.

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At Kelm Financial Services Inc, we apply over decades of experience in helping our clients navigate this process, working closely with your team of legal, tax and investment advisors or ours. We patiently will stand by your side and walk you through this process until you are comfortable with defining your goals, then provide you with a thorough analysis of strategic alternatives for your situation.

Through meticulous attention to detail and our vast industry knowledge and resources, we make sure our clients’ assets are not lost to unnecessary income or estate taxes. Our focus is to insure that your Family and the Charities you support receive the maximum benefits possible when the wealth eventually is transferred.

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