About Us

Trust is the pillar in an advisory relationship.

Chris Kelm, CFP® is the Founder & CEO of Kelm Financial Services Inc. with over 30 years of experience in their Financial Services Profession. He takes a proactive approach to tax planning that enables business owners to take advantage of the tax breaks they are entitled to. His Tax Bracket Planning System utilizes tax-efficient strategies to address the complexities of the tax code. These strategies help business owners with financial, retirement and wealth planning techniques that can significantly reduce their taxes.

Chris’ focus is on managing the firm’s strategic partnerships and relationships with CPA’s Attorneys, Money Management firms, including two banks. These relationships have established his firm as one the Go-To-Firm in Texas that deal with tough, complicated financial issues by using state of the art strategies pertaining to advanced, financial and insurance solutions.

Most importantly is being the trusted advisor and in many cases a good friend to his Clients. Some of these friendships go back 30 years. He has retained over 93% of his clients (that are still breathing) with over 800 million of permanent life insurance in place. His clients include two wealthy Texan families, a former Governor of Texas, and three retired Fortune 500 CEOs.

Chris is a lifetime member of MDRT, Top of the Table, Forum 400 and Ambassador with the Advanced Association of Life Underwriters, a Member of the Capitol Hill Club in Washington DC and The American Tax Planning Institute, serving in an advisory capacity for Security Family Organization for our industry. An Advanced Marker Specialist with Level Four Business Services.

He has been married to Beth Ann for 33 years, and together they have 24-year old twins and a 21-year old son. Serving as an Elder at Concordia Lutheran Church, consultant/advisor for Pastor 360, member of Rotary Club of San Antonio, member of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association, Exotic Ranch Owner, Texas Wildlife Association. He enjoys traveling, golfing, hunting, raising Miniature Longhorns and spending as much time as possible at their Texas Hill Country Ranch.

Brief Biography

  • Founded Kelm Financial Services Inc September 1987 as an Independent Advisory Firm.
  • Entered Business in 1987 as an agent with the Principal Financial Group
  • Certified Financial Planner since 1993
  • Lifetime Member of the Million Dollar Round Table
  • Member of the Capitol Hill Club
  • Elder at Concordia Lutheran Church
  • Member of the Texas Wildlife Association
  • Education in Progress: Chartered Financial Consultant & Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy
  • Book in Progress – Enjoy Financial Freedom: Without Washington & Wall Street
  • Top of the Table Million Dollar Round Table

Chris T. Kelm, CFP®
Managing Partner & Senior Advisor

Founded in 1987

Our services foundation is built on the following standards:


To Help Our Clients Achieve Their Financial Goals While Minimizing Taxes and Reducing Risk.


It’s Not How Much You Make, It’s How Much You Keep!


To Provide the Best Financial Solutions and Services on a Professional Level, Utilizing the Latest Cutting Edge Financial/Tax Strategies, While Maintaining Our Down-Home Texas Culture. Our Clients Become Our Old Friends!

Fiduciary standard let’s you know who work for whom. Why is this important?

A fiduciary is someone who puts your financial interest ahead of his or her own. Fiduciary is derived from the Latin fidere, to trust. As independent advisors, we believe that a “fiduciary standard” is the very best framework for professionals to work with clients.

Kelm Financial Services is your Trusted Advisor

Trust is the pillar in an advisory relationship. As advisors, we believe that a “fiduciary standard” is the very best framework for professionals to work with clients. To act as a fiduciary means that an advisor has to put aside his/her own financial interest, and also put aside the business/financial interest of any company they work for, and give recommendations that are solely and completely in the best interest of their clients.
We are not affiliated with any broker, bank, accounting firm, law firm or insurance company. We are accountable only to our clients and have only their best interests at heart, fully embracing the concept of fiduciary responsibility.  We are not an Investment Firm. We work with established investment firms or we will work with the client’s existing firm in the planning process.
Most financial advisors are not held to this high standard. Rather, they’re held to a “suitability” standard, meaning they’re to reasonably believe that the investment and insurance products they want you to buy are appropriate for your situation. Appropriate is a long way from “in your best interests”. The real choice isn’t fiduciary vs. suitability; rather, it’s buying products from a salesperson or getting advice along with solutions from an advisor.

Kelm Financial Understands that our tax structure is so complicated along with the Current Administration imposing higher tax as and fees. It has become much more difficult and costly to accumulate assets: and once you have succeeded, its a bigger problem trying to keep them.
That’s why we work closely with professionals including tax advisors, stockbrokers, money managers, and estate lawyers to implement a financial plan that achieves your financial goals. If you have current relationships with these professionals, we can work with them to develop a comprehensive financial solution.