Legacy & Estate Planning

Beyond Success to Significance!

Success is when you add value to yourself, Significance is when you add value to others!
-John Maxwell

Very few processes are more personal and emotional than Legacy & Estate Planning. Addressing what often are complex inter-family relationships, together with what can be extremely technical subjects of tax planning, estate analysis, asset leveraging, and gifting strategies can be overwhelming.

At Kelm Financial Services Inc, we apply over decades of experience in helping our clients navigate this process, working closely with your team of legal, tax, and investment advisors or ours. We patiently will stand by your side and walk you through this process until you are comfortable with defining your goals, then provide you with a thorough analysis of strategic alternatives for your situation.

Through meticulous attention to detail and our vast industry knowledge and resources, we make sure our clients’ assets are not lost to unnecessary income or estate taxes. Our focus is to ensure that your Family and the Charities you support receive the maximum benefits possible when the wealth eventually is transferred

*Tax-Free Income is based on a properly structured and funded policy. Utilizing Partial Surrenders and zero or low cost loans, while keeping the policy inforce.