We use the approach that sharing your wealth involves both current and future gifts. The giving of current gifts allows you to enjoy watching the impact of how your gifts are of benefit, and the lives that are being changed. What a wonderful way to set an example of giving back for future generations.
Future gifts which we refer to as Legacy Gifts can be of great value to the Charities that you are passionate about and currently supporting. Many of these organizations rely on your gifts to continue the mission. Would the lack of your support affect the ability for the organization to continue or grow for the future generations?

Effective wealth transfer and charitable giving varies among individuals, families and businesses.

However, most share these three common goals:
˃ The desire to control their assets both now and in the future.
˃ The need to establish a Lasting Legacy as an expression of their lives, their work, blessings or
˃ The importance of minimizing the impact of estate and income taxes.

Our Firm specializes in helping you move from Success to Significance!
Our planning philosophy is a team approach. Our intent is not to disrupt any current relationship you may have with a Tax Attorney, CPA or Investment Advisor. We simply want to utilize cutting edge ideas and strategies available under our tax system. What was available yesterday, may or may not be available today. Our tax structure is so realistic that it has become a major accomplishment to accumulate an estate; and in spite of taxes, when you do succeed, you have a bigger issue trying to keep it!

Let Kelm Financial Services Inc help you keep together, what you worked so hard to put together.

*Tax-Free Income is based on a properly structured and funded policy. Utilizing Partial Surrenders and zero or low cost loans, while keeping the policy inforce.